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We don't have an active online sale right now, but check out our upcoming Fredericksburg sale!!!

We are so excited to offer you the opportunity to sell you things ONLINE! You and your family will appreciate this option and you may find you prefer shopping from home, in your pajamas in the middle of the night, alone. Something NEW and EXCITING to LOVE! WE hope you have FUN with this as you make some extra $$ AND provide other families with the Weecycled Wardrobe shopping experience that they have come to look forward to and depend on.

6 Easy Steps:
* Consigned with us before at the Fredericksburg sale? Register just like you usually do as a RETURNING CONSIGNOR. If you haven't ever consigned with us in Fredericksburg register as a NEW CONSIGNOR.
• You will pay a $5.00 Consignor Fee up front through PayPal.
• You will receive 55% of your sales!!
• The Deadline to enter your items is Sunday, November 8th at 11:59pm.

2. CHECK OUT THE LIST OF ACCEPTED AND UNACCEPTED ITEMS (slightly different than our in-person sale).
• Clothing...sizes infant to teens
• Shoes...sizes infant to teens
• Baby Gear...ALL things baby. All cribs must be manufactured AFTER June 28, 2011. All car seats must have a manufactured date within the last 5 years. You will need to list the expiration date in the description of the item.
• Toys
• Games/ puzzles/ craft items
• Sporting goods
• Books/Movies/Game Systems and games (check for scratches on the disc)
• Furniture that you can deliver to the drop off location
• Home Decor - Including Christmas decorations
• Bedding for kids to teens only
• Accessories...purses, hats, gloves, etc.

• Stuffed animals unless it moves, talks or rakes leaves.
• Underwear and socks unless NEW in the package
• Expired car seats or Drop side cribs
• Anything stained, missing buttons, faded or older than 5 years as styles change.

• After the sale ends on November 13th, SELLERS will drop off ONLY THE ITEMS THAT WERE SOLD to the Drop Off location, 710 Littlepage Street in downtown Fredericksburg. Items need to arrive clearly labeled with the tags that you will receive and print taped to the item. WE will have no supplies for you at drop off. Instructions for this are given in the step-by-step directions.
• Minimum price for items sold online will be $4 as usual. Bundle items to reach $4 if needed. Do not overcharge just to get to $4.
• SELLERS, we all know buyers LOVE to purchase bundles or LOTS (groups of like items). Lots can be as small as 2 items. We suggest only selling single clothing items if they are more expensive items, like coats, dresses, etc. Sizes within a clothing LOT can NOT be mixed, but brands can be mixed within a LOT. Be sure to note brands in the description.
• All items must meet or exceed our quality standards. As always, check for recalls. Since our shoppers, many who are fellow consignors, will not be able to inspect the items as they normally would before purchasing, it is MORE IMPORTANT than ever that you only enter your highest quality items. We want everyone who shops to love all of the items they find shopping online!
    • All items must be of pet hair and smelling good...NO smoke smell!!
    • Clothing items must be free of stains, holes, and wear & tear.
    • Toys/games/puzzles must be clean with no missing pieces. (Yes, count the pieces)!
    • All swings/electronics must have working batteries and/or cords to prove the item works at drop off.
• Weecycled Wardrobe reserves the right to pull any items at drop-off that do not meet the quality standards of our sale and consider them rejected with a refund to the buyer.
• Buyers will have the opportunity to inspect their purchases at pick up. We will refund any items that do not meet their expectations and our standards. We will not refund any items unless they are defective or broken. Sellers can not just change their mind.
• Rejected items - We trust our sellers and hope all items are acceptable and there will be no rejected items. If the buyer finds an item not up to the quality indicated in the description, we will refund their money. The seller is responsible for picking up the item on pick up days, November 19-20. An ADMIN FEE of 20% of the sale price will be subtracted from the consignor's check. For example, if a $10 item is rejected for quality reasons you will lose the sale of the item and an extra $2.00 will be deducted from your check ($10 x 20% = $2.00). We are counting on you to inspect your items thoroughly.

REGISTER AND START ENTERING YOUR ITEMS. Go to Weecycled Wardrobe's website and click on CONSIGNOR LINKS on the top left corner. You'll see registration for RETURNING CONSIGNORS and NEW CONSIGNORS. If you've sold with us at the F'burg Field House sale before, you are a returning consignor. All others are new consignors. Once you're registered, you'll want to click on ENTER ITEMS as usual.
TIPS FOR TAKING GREAT PICTURES. After is the picture that you are depending on to sell your items!
• LIGHTING is #1. Try some pictures outside, near big windows or anywhere you will get lots of light.
• USE A SOLID BACKGROUND. You can use a wood floor or carpeted floor if it is a solid color. You could use a sheet or blanket as a background.
If you have dark colored clothing use a light color background. White or light color looks best with a dark background. If it's a large item try to place it against a wall for contrast.
• TAKE MORE THAN ONE PHOTO. Take several shots from different angles to see what looks best for each item or items.
• TAKE CLOSE UP PICTURES. You want shoppers to get a good feel for your item.
• LARGE ITEMS - Include different views of the sme item. You are limited to ONE picture. You can include multiple pictures, but they must be combined into a single picture collage.
Check out our Facebook page for some examples.


• How do I upload a photo for an inventory item?
Photo uploading is available on both the mobile item entry page and the PC/Laptop item entry page. A photo can be uploaded when the new item is being entered, OR the item can be edited and photo uploaded later. There is a small "UPLOAD PHOTOS" control near the area where Discount and Donate are specified on both the screen where a new item is added and where an item is edited.

• What are the rules for uploading photos?
You can upload 1 photo for each inventory item. Each photo must be 5MB or smaller. IF you try to upload a photo larger than the limit you will be prompted that the image is too large before you can submit the add/edit request for that item. See Tips for Photos!

• How can I see what photos are currently uploaded for the item?
You can click to edit the item. Near the file upload control is a link to "view current images for this item." Click that link and a new tab will open showing the images that are currently uploaded for that item.

• What does "Ready For Online Sale" mean?
When you have entered the details of an item and uploaded a photo, check the box to mark the item as "ready-for-online-sale." This is how you let me know it's ready for export to Shoptify (our online store). You must have one photo for the item before you can check the box. Need to change something BEFORE we have exported? Un-check the box as often as you wish to make changes UNTIL it has actually been exported. Once the box is checked and we export your items you'll see a lock icon that means it's in the online store. IMPORTANT!...Once it is in the online store and has a lock icon, it must be available for sale. Buyers will be paying on the spot, so we have to have the item for them.

• What does the "lock" symbol on an inventory item mean?
The lock icon means that the item has been included in an export file for the online sale. Once an item has been exported, it is then locked and you can no longer perform edits on that item. You must bring these items, if sold, on drop off days and you will get paid shortly there after.

• What happens to the "locked" items that do not sell during the online sale?
Once the sale is over, I will unlock all unsold items that were exported to the online sale. Those items will remain in your inventory and will be available for the next in-person sale. YOU MUST DELETE YOUR SOLD ITEMS. This is important so you only have items in your inventory that you will be bringing to the next sale. You only want current items in your inventory so your sell thru rate is accurate. Any sellers who sell 80% of their items during a sale and had at least $250 worth of inventory will be a WEelite consignor which comes with perks (No drop off appointment needed. You can come anytime during drop off hours AND no inspection needed).

• Clothing items, small toys, shoes, etc. must be placed in a clear bag OR rolled up and secured with a rubber band individually. Tape the TAG on the bag or slip it under the rubber band. (We will send you the tags once the item sells). Clear trash can liners (like bathroom size trash cans) OR Walmart bread bags are $3.12 for 100. They work well. Only large items or boots that you connect together do not need to be in a bag. You can tag them directly. We will not accept used grocery bags as we are trying not to reuse bags (Covid19) and we have to be able to see the item, so you have to use a clear bag.
• You will receive an email with your report and a list of your sold items. You will need to print tags for those items. The system will automatically generate them for you with 6 tags to a page. The tags will include the Order # (seller #) for the items. You will need to attach the tag to each sold item. Tags can be printed on paper since you will taping them to the bags and large items.
• Sign up for a drop off time on our website.
• You will only drop off the items that you sell.
You will enter the building (with a face covering on) and check in. It's important to have your items in alphabetical order by the sold tag letter you have taped/rubber banded to the item. Then you will walk and drop your sold items in the buyer's bag. This shouldn't take long. There will be 10-20 drop off appointments every 15 minutes. Drop offs are going to be on November 16-17. Pick up for buyers will be on November 19-20.

GET PAID... You'll receive your earnings in an email by eCheck. My goal is to have the eChecks done within 7 days or November 27th. That being said, this is all new to us, so please give us some grace on the timing of payments.


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