Q: How do I transfer my items from the Fall Stafford sale?
A: Click here to sign into your consignor account, then:
-Click on "work with consigned inventory"
-Under "Transfer Inventory to Affiliated Sale", choose "move inventory out"
-Choose the upcoming new sale, and enter youur consignor # and password for your consignor account. Select the items you wish to transfer by placing a checkmark beside them and then click SUBMIT at the bottom of the screen. The system will give you a transfer batch number. Make note of it.

Q: Can I bring my husband with me to the Pre-Sale for consignors and volunteers?
A: Yes...our thoughts are he will be buying for the same children you are. No one other than your husband will be admitted (Ok... your boyfriend can come too). Your mom would have to work a shift to come in early. .. make it a time for you two to be together for 3 hours.

Q: Can I bring children to the Pre-Sale and Public Sale?
A: Yes, you can bring your children to the sale, HOWEVER, our consignors work very hard to prepare their items (toys) and if you child opens packages, removes tags or is playing on the toys, you will be required to purchase them. Any unsupervised children will be sent home with an Espresso and a Puppy.

Q: How should I price my items?
A: We suggest you set the price at 40% of the retail value. Baby Equipment, Furniture and Large Indoor/Outdoor Toys usually sell for more and are in high demand. We have an abundance of 0-6 month sizes, so they must be priced competitively in order to sell.

Q: Can I use wire hangers?
A: Yes, as long as they are the coated hangers. There are available at Wal-mart and Dollar General (10 for $1). Sizes 10 and up must have these hangers. Sizes 8 and under please use child sized hangers. These can be found at the above mentioned stores as well as Target and Dollar Stores. PICK THEM UP EARLY AS THEY TEND TO SELL OUT CLOSER TO OUR SALE.

Q: Will my hangers be returned?
A: Sorry, but you will not be able to get your hangers back. They go with the outfits as they are sold. May we suggest buying lots of clothing at our sale to replenish your hangers?

Q: How do I secure small pieces with Toys or Equipment?
A: Place them in a Ziploc bag and then seal the Ziploc with clear packing tape. This is important!

Q: When I price items in a Ziploc bag, how do I attach the price tag?
A: First, if using labels, stick the bar code label TO THE PRICE TAG ONLY. Do not stick the label directly on the bag. We must keep the label and cannot if it is stuck to the bag. If using the card stock method, attach the price tag with a safety pin to the outside of the bag.

Q: How do I carry my clothes while I am shopping?
A: Bring a laundry basket or bin with you to drop your things in. Some shoppers tie a rope or belt to their basket and pull it along.

Q: What if my item is not worth your minimum price guideline of $4.00?
A: If it meets our "excellence quality" standards, then group it together with one or two more like items. Rubber band their hangers together or group toys in a Ziploc bag and put one price for the entire group.

Q: Should I iron my clothes?
A: Wrinkled clothes do not sell! We will likely send them home to you if they are extremely wrinkled. Please do what is necessary to make your clothes look clean and nice. Remember, the better they look, the more likely they are to sell!

Q: Can I enter additional batches?
A: Yes, you may enter additional batches by clicking on the "entering items" page again. You may need your consignor code to access your account or use your last name. If you prefer, you can sign up under a new consignor code, too.

Q: Do you have any helpful shopping tips?
A: Be sure to inspect all items you plan to purchase before you buy them. While we do our best to inspect all items, some things may slip through. Because of the nature of our business and all of the consignors involved, we can not offer refunds or returns on any item.

Q: How do I purchase a large item if I am still shopping?
A:When you find a large item you want to purchase, tear the bottom half of the large claim ticket off and take it to the check out counter when you are ready to pay. You must fill out the top half with your last name and cell phone number and the time you took the tag. We will periodically be checking the claim tickets that the bottom half is torn off of in order to insure that the item is indeed going to be purchased that day. We allow 2 hours before we will re-tag the item. PLEASE do not pull any tags or set aside any items if you are not absolutely positive that you are going to buy them. We want to sell our consignors' merchandise and if it is being held, they may miss out on selling the item.

Q: If I donate my unsold items, where do they go?
A: We have a number of organizations that count on us each sale for donations. Donations from the fall sales were to Foster Families, local elementary school nurses offices (for kids needing a change of clothing) the families of Marines at Quantico, and a number of other groups that help those less fortunate in our area. Any consignors who donated their unsold items will receive a tax deductible donation slip. If you need us to send you a copy of the Tax donation slip, email us at VickiandPenny@weecycledwardrobe.com and we will send you an email with a form attached.

Please consider donating your unsold items and help us help those less fortunate in our community.

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