We have a variety of advertising options if you have a family friendly product or service that you would like to share with families in the Fredericksburg area. The following list is on a first come first serve basis. We have thousands of shoppers that will learn about your sale if you chose one of our very reasonable options below! Returning vendors are given first right of refusal. Applicants will be notified by email once we receive payment. Unconfirmed applicants will also receive an email. We reserve the right to choose advertisers at our discretion. We are a family sale and will support family-friendly businesses only. Click here to download our Vendor Agreement form!

Have your promotional items, pens, coupons, flyers, menu, brochures, placed in our 300 goodie bags. They will be distributed to the first 300 shoppers during our sale. The cost is $40. Interested in supplying the bags? No charge for us to hand out your info if you supply 300 bags with your logo on them. Bags should be 12x15 or larger. Plastic, paper or reusable type bags.

Vendor Tables
The participation fee for vendors is $150.00, which entitles the vendor to an 8'x8' space to sell, collect contacts and promote their businesses face to face with over 7,000 shoppers. Please make arrangements to bring your own table/chair. **NEW** In an effort to increase vendor traffic, each vendor will donate a door prize and when shoppers come to your table, hand them a ticket (just make slips of paper for them to fill out their name & email address) and they'll drop it into your ticket container. This will bring more people by your table so you can tell them about your product AND you will have their email address for future contact. For more information download the Vendor Agreement form above.

E-mail and Facebook Ads
A Social Media mention on our Facebook page (over 6500 likes) about your business and a link to your website are available for $40. Contact us via email to sign up. We ask that you send us your link and a brief description of your business and a picture of your logo or product.

E-mail Promotions are available with a link to your site for $40 as well. Contact us via email. Same details as above for social media. Our email list has over 10,000 potential customers.

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